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April 1, 2019

Global LNG Services Launches Largest Scale, Lowest Cost Floating LNG Production for Support of China’s “Blue Sky” Action Plan


Global LNG Services AS (GLS) is pleased to announce a major milestone for the global liquefaction business. Following a six year concept development and verification program with support from the leading players in the LNG field, GLS is pleased to announce the technical and commercial viability of a liquefaction cost, safety and environmental quality solution that will dramatically accelerate development of the stranded gas in the world. The standardized, floating liquefaction solution – the LIQUI-MAX™ Vessel (LMV) enables, faster, lower cost, “plug and play” development of LNG exports facilities. GLS is particularly pleased that its LMV solution will be able to support China’s “Blue Sky” Action Plan to replace coal with gas and renewables on a scale large enough to save one million lives from air pollution deaths and reduce the CO2 emissions by one billion tons per annum by 2030.

GLS has also made significant progress on its wholly owned Main Pass Energy Hub™ (MPEH) LNG export project in the Gulf of Mexico that will eventually export as much as 48 MTPA of LNG. A leading LNG EPC contractor has been selected as the exclusive EPCIC for the first 12 million tons per annum LMV – for which GLS expects to reach final investment decision by early 2021.

In June of last year GLS and Baker Hughes, a GE Company announced the selection of LM9000 Gas Turbine, which when combined with Air Products’ C1 methane-based refrigeration technology, enables large-scale liquefaction. The MPEH shall become the highest capacity and lowest unit-cost floating liquefaction facility in the world.

The MPEH project has fundamental advantages not found in other LNG export facilities. A well-defined and previously permitted project site located 16 miles offshore of the east coast of Louisiana and a development plan that utilizes the LMV places GLS in a highly competitive position. The Deepwater Port of MPEH enables larger scale, lower risk and lower cost logistics than any existing project in the Gulf of Mexico.

Negotiations with Asian off-takers for the anchor position in the MPEH project center on a tolling fee that includes the industry-lowest ‘anchor-deal’ of $1.50 per MMBtu for part of the 12 MTPA .

GLS has patent-protected the coastal liquefaction solutions and orchestrated a “Dream Team” of the players with the strongest track-records in the LNG business for low risk execution of a multi-project program, based on series-production of a fleet of LMVs to provide the lowest cost liquefaction for global stranded gas projects today and in the future.

Dr. Paul L. Eckbo, GLS Founder and Chairman, states:
“We are proud that the LIQUI-MAX™ Vessel scale, cost, safety and environmental break-throughs are able to materially contribute to the speed and depth at which the critical “Blue Sky” Action Plan can be implemented. The LIQUI-MAX™ Vessel with the world’s largest liquefaction capacity per ton of topside equipment on a floater beats the current lowest cost onshore or offshore. No onshore capacity expansion of liquefaction, storage and offloading can compete with the cost of a pure liquefaction vessel like the LMV being assembled in a yard and floated in a state of full integration to a coastal location. This cost advantage enables GLS to offer an ‘anchor’ off-taker fee of $1.50 per MMBtu for parts of the capacity at Main Pass Energy Hub™ LNG export project. We are currently in dialogue with Chinese and other Asian counter-parties to take the first 12 million tons of annual LNG production from Main Pass”.


Gasworld: Global LNG Services launches new solution - April 2, 2019

Global LNG Services (GLS) has launched a standardised, floating liquefaction solution that enables faster, lower cost plug and play development of LNG export facilities.

In what the company says is a “major milestone for the global liquefaction business”… (read more)

JUNE 26, 2018

Global LNG Services advances its Main Pass Energy Hub™ LNG Export Project and selects Baker Hughes, a GE Company, for rotating equipment

Global LNG Services (GLS) makes significant progress for the Main Pass Energy Hub™ (MPEH) Deepwater Port project, owned by its US subsidiary MPEH LLC and located 16 miles offshore southeast Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. Two LIQUI-MAX™ vessels, capable of producing a total of 24 million tonnes per annum of LNG, will be permanently stationed at MPEH.

GLS’ patented LIQUI-MAX™ Vessel design uses all industry standard equipment in a unique configuration, allowing expanded throughput, and results in an unprecedented capex below $400 per tonne of annual liquefaction capacity. GLS’ patented cost advantage enables it to introduce a floating tolling fee model with a floor rate of Henry Hub + 15% +$1.50/MMBtu for pre-processing and liquefaction – and 50/50 sharing of the liquefaction netback value above the $1.50 level.

Gas will be sourced through interstate pipelines and pre-processed onshore in the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama region.

Baker Hughes – a GE Company (BHGE) was selected by GLS for both its technology and extensive experience in LNG equipment and services. The LM9000 gas turbine leverages scale to provide effective LNG solutions, thanks to its higher power output on a smaller footprint, its best-in-class efficiency and the latest Dry Low Emission (DLE) technology. The LM9000 development, led by BHGE, is the latest of a proven legacy of building robust gas turbines from world-class aircraft engines.

“We are pleased that the LM9000 has been selected by GLS for their project and we are confident that this gas turbine, developed leveraging on 30 years of experience in LNG, will serve a next generation of floating LNG plants” said Rod Christie, President and CEO, Turbomachinery & Process Solutions, BHGE.

“GLS’ vision is to work collaboratively with the best players in the LNG space to develop lower cost liquefaction solutions for coastal areas. The choice of BHGE technology reflects these goals to supply LNG to the global market at the optimum cost and highest safety and environmental performance” said Paul L. Eckbo, Chairman and CEO of GLS.

GLS was established in 2013, and its ambition is to develop, own, and operate clean, safe and cost efficient floating liquefaction vessels. GLS acquired MPEH LLC and the MPEH project from Freeport McMoRan Energy LLC in 2016. MPEH was previously permitted by the Maritime Administration (MARAD) as an LNG import facility and is ideally located in the Gulf of Mexico allowing efficient marine vessel access to the facility.

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