The LIQUI-MAX™ system

The LIQUI-MAX™ System (LMS) has been developed by GLS as a low cost, high volume, environmentally friendly solution to liquefy pipeline quality gas for transport. The production level of an LMS can be expanded by adding vessels linked to a central preprocessing plant on an associated terminal.

Operating in near shore and coastal areas the LMS offers a combination of floating and fixed structures at low cost. In designing the LIQUI-MAX™ System GLS has taken advantage of the technical and economic benefits of this combination.


This picture shows a LIQUI-MAX™ System with 3 LIQUI-MAX™ vessels and gas preprocessing on a central hub.
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Advantages of the LIQUI-MAX™ System include:

  • The lowest liquefaction costs – tolling fee levels per mmbtu
  • The unique GLS cooling solution eliminates water intake that harms the marine and fishery environment.
  • Locating the facility offshore removes the need for use of land for industrial development. The offshore location mitigates safety risks for local communities, while offering them extensive permanent employment opportunities and other economic benefits.
  • GLS’ construction of its system facilities in the controlled environment of a shipyard enables superior quality control, cost control and development speed compared to onshore, onsite construction.
  • Locating gas pre-processing on a fixed structure or on shore, and placing liquefaction trains on a vessel hull enables GLS to select the best solutions from both the onshore and offshore world.
  • Floating liquefaction units can be relocated if market conditions change

GLS has several patents pending for the LIQUI-MAX™ System.


A LIQUI-MAX™ System plant will create high paying
permanent jobs and significant economic benefit for local communities.